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Post Processing House

Post Processing House is a boutique team of creative Architecture and Real Estate photo editors & retouchers based in Croatia.

We are experienced in working for photographers from North America and Europe.

Our mission is to provide a personalized photo editing service and to build long-term relationships with our clients.

Most of us in the team have a photographing background, so it's easy for us to understand lighting and framing conditions photographers encounter while shooting.

This gives us an edge in editing and in communicating with our clients as well.

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What Sets Us Apart



Your work is always assigned to the same two editors. This allows for maximum consistency.

Small team

Small team

Our small team is highly motivated and well-compensated for the great work they do.



We are really good at understanding your style and instructions, even if the workflow is complex.



The tradition of long-lasting relationships with our clients is something we are proud of.

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Our clients

We are mostly hired by photographers from the following niches:


Real Estate

Interior Design


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"High quality service and good communication.
Really happy I found you guys!"

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